What Is the Final Brexit Agreement

The final Brexit agreement is one that has been long-awaited by both the European Union and the United Kingdom. After several years of negotiations, the agreement was finally reached on December 24, 2020, just before the transition period ended on December 31, 2020.

The Brexit agreement outlines the terms of the UK`s departure from the EU and sets out a framework for their future relationship. The agreement covers a range of areas, including:

1. Trade – The UK and EU have agreed to a free trade agreement (FTA) that eliminates tariffs and quotas on most goods traded between them. This agreement also includes provisions for services, such as financial services, and sets out rules for competition, state aid, and dispute resolution.

2. Security – The UK and EU have agreed to continue to cooperate on security matters, including law enforcement and criminal justice. This includes the exchange of information, sharing of databases, and joint operations.

3. Transportation – The agreement sets out the rules for air, road, and rail transport between the UK and EU. This covers issues such as safety standards, licensing, and market access.

4. Fishing – The agreement includes provisions for fisheries, outlining a framework for sharing fishing quotas between the UK and EU.

Overall, the Brexit agreement provides a framework for the UK and EU to continue to cooperate and trade with each other while respecting their respective sovereignty and independence. This agreement is an important milestone in the history of both the UK and EU and marks the beginning of a new era in their relationship.

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